Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will the NZ Herald apologise for repeating urban myths without checking facts?

The NZ Herald should really stop getting its editorial content from the Sunday News.

"One simple phone call would have revealed that what the NZ Herald said this morning about Christine Rankin dancing with her future husband at Sky City on Election night is an urban myth. It is false, it is wrong, it is a lie that is perpetuated by those who hate Christine Rankin, including the Herald. Is the Herald going to apologise for the lie that has been exploited against Ms Rankin?

Christine Rankin did not dance with her future husband on election night. Nor was she filmed dancing with her husband to be on election night. She did not dance on election night. My understanding was that Kim McIntyre was not even at the function - he was in Wellington."

Listen to Leighton Smith here: (H/T WhaleOil.)




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