Monday, May 04, 2009

The battle after the selection battle: Shearer and Mt Albert

The campaign for Mt Albert is heating up. David Shearer is the Labour candidate, but apparently is not the electorate committee's favourite option. Tane from The Standard says:
Shearer’s selection was unanimous among the six delegates on the selection panel (half head office, half local party) and he won the floor vote by a clear majority. About 200 party members took part in the floor vote.
Phil Goff also said Shearer won the floor vote on BFM today.
Goff: I went to the selection committee with eight really superb candidates.... David Shearer, aah won the unanimous support of the panel, locals , and err, the NZ Council
Presenter: How many were on the panel
Goff: ..and he won the vote on the floor
Presenter: How many were on the panel
Goff: Aah there's six on the panel plus the floor vote which that counts for one, but he won the floor vote.
But a comment on The Standard blog said the following
No way did shearer win the floor vote. You have been misinformed.There were a lot of angry people leaving that hall yesterday. Might as well have been the National party for all the democracy of the selection.
Earlier, Green candidate Russel Norman, did an interview with Matthew Hooten, where he says Hooten officially endorsed Shearer as the most right candidate. Labour's Jordan Carter, discussing National's candidate says National's options is to rubbish local candidate's efforts, orparachute someone with no connection to Mt Albert.

Like Labour did, perhaps.

Carter attacked Norman, asking., "What is Russel Norman trying to achieve with his constant smears of Labour?" Chris Elder (remember him?) joined in, and consequently attacked Russel Norman on Twitter, saying,
"So, you're attacking Shearer by parroting messaging lines from Hooten, Slater & Farrar? Quite the campaign team you've got.
Anybody would think that Goff heavied his man in, despite opposition from the Mt Albert Labour members.

And anyone would also think that Chris Elder knows Tane from The Standard.

Oh, and half an hour ago Melissa Lee was announced as National's candidate for Mt Albert. But not by National.

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