Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shock, horror!! The Children's Commissioner says something useful about children

A baby-faced rapist coached to stalk and rape when he was 14 and who later raped his best friend in prison will be freed by December.

Maka Renata was 14 when he went out raping with his foster father, Dean Hiroki, a senior Mongrel Mob member and serial rapist, in June 1999.

Actually he had been placed by CYFS social workers with Renata just before the rape. Renata had 17 pages of convictions including rape, attempted rape, and threatening to kill but CYFS didnt bother to find that out. But what was he even placed with the gang?
The children's commissioner said imprisoning people so young was a disaster and rehabilitation was "very, very difficult". "They're likely to be made angry and have a grievance against society for the rest of their lives."

But before you praise Cindy Kiro for speaking up on behalf of children there is just one minor point. It wasn't Kiro who defended children. It was left to former children's commissioner Ian Hassell to do so. The current children's commissioner was nowhere to be seen - probably working out some spin on how she could defend CYFS, or planning her next overseas trip.

Thank God she is going to be a former commissioner. No child was better off because of her. She has been an utter failure - truly awful. She has been worse commissioner than Judith Tizard was an MP.




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