Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ignorance of the law is no excuse - but knowledge of the law can get you off

It's clear that those who have knowledge of the law and are in a position of authority use that knowledge to get off crimes. Being legally correct is better than being morally right.

Now, we all know that many in the police are morally corrupt, but if you were out drinking one night and a police officer stopped at your door after you drove home drunk, would you agree to being breath tested? Under the law you don't have to unless you have been pursued at the time. Would you tell the cop that you've been home all night. There is no law against lying.

Now, read this and see what the head of Police prosecutions at Police National Headquarters did . After refusing an initial breathtest, I wonder if he was asked to take an evidential breath test.

Refusing the second breath test is an offence. But we won't know whether he was asked to do so as nobody is answering questions on that.




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