Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Samoan swearing-in

As I was yesterday, I am busy interviewing people today and so this may be the only post of the day. As part of the job I have to ask people their ethnicity. People can choose two ethnicities, some state they are New Zealanders. Some state they are European, some state New Zealand Maori. And, quote frankly, I'm glad new MP Su'a William Sio was able to do his swearing-in in Samoan as well as English. People don't have to choose between being Samoan and a New Zealander if they don't want to - they can be both a New Zealand Maori or a New Zealand Samoan so why shouldn't Su'a be able to swear the oath in his native tongue and in English in the country he lives in if he can declare himself a New Zealander (or European) and a Samoan.

After all people can swear on the Bible - and the Bible doesn't have to be written in English.


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