Thursday, November 13, 2008

Intelligent people vote Green

I see Frogblog links to a Times article that says that intelligent people are likely to vote Green. Cleverer children are more likely to vote for the Green Party or the Liberal Democrats in a general election than other parties when they become adults, research suggests.

The research [abstract is here] was based on interviewing 6,000 10 year olds and seeing who they voted for in the 2001 UK election and who they may vote in 2004.

Actually, university students and graduates are more likely to vote Green. Intelligent people are more likely to go to university and the general ambience of it makes students more aware of issues like civil liberties and green issues. The authors say there is also a correlation between high childhood intelligence and an above-average interest in politics.I suspect that may partly explain the figures, because people who are apathetic about politics may be unlikely to vote Green or Liberal in the first place.

Clearly these kids were not tested on their political intelligence when they were 10. They're probably as intelligent as leaders of a political party that said it would not go with National - but wanted to be in Government.

Oh that was the Greens. Morons.




Blogger Steve Withers said...

National isn't planning to do anything that Greens can support.

The moron is anyone who thinks they should support policies they don't support anyway.

As for intelligent people supporting the Greens, I have no idea. What I do know about Greens is that they tend to be curious people and independent thinkers. A conformist does not become a Green supporter...almost by definition.

This is why the Greens are the most robustly democratic internally of all NZ's political parties. Party members get to vote on who EVERY list candidate will be AND their rank on the list. No other party does this. Green members also get to elect - directly - their two party leaders. Green party members also get to contribute directly to - and vote on - party policy and have that policy enacted.

The National party, for example, does NONE of that....

I'd trust the world in hands of the curious, well-informed, independent thinkers before I'd trust it to the uncurious conformists following their Leader.

But this is hard to explain to the uncurious conformists who are happy to follow their Leader. They obviously don't get it or they would not be who they are, not knowing what they don't know...and blindly trusting that their Leader does....

Greens don't do blind trust. They are too curious and independent to for that.

So not supporting a party whose policies can't be supported just makes sense to anyone who actually thinks about it.

November 15, 2008 at 10:19 AM  

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