Thursday, November 13, 2008

Government to be finalised in days

It's hui season for the Maori Party and on Sunday it will be all over. The party has an agreement with National and is consulting members and supporters. The season started this morning at 9am at Waimanoni marae. The Wellington hui will be at the Victoria University marae on Saturday and although open to all Maori Party supporters it is closed to the media. The Maori Party has an agreement to take to the hui and no doubt it will be ratified and the Maori Party will get two ministerial positions outside cabinet as well as policy gains.

All will be revealed on Tuesday at the latest, as Key wants to have the Government sworn in on Wednesday. Looks like there will be five ministers from the minor parties: Dunne, Hide, Heather Roy (with Consumer Affairs), Turia and Sharples. Good.

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