Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Agenda to end?

On Radio NZ this morning Denis Welch said that TVNZ is cancelling Agenda, our best political current affairs programme. It was the highest rating TV show on November 9. The last show will be in two weeks according to the Agenda researcher I spoke with today. Agenda is produced by Front Page, which is headed by Richard Harman, who is not talking. It appears that TVNZ want to keep such a show in house. There's no official word as to when (or whether) it will be replaced, but many are hoping that TVNZ will provide something in its place. But it is not a good sign for production houses that produce such shows.

But I rang TVNZ. I spoke with a person who said that it will be back in the new year - in January. Given I've been giving conflicting stories I am making further inquiries.

Update If Agenda is back in the new year Front Page won't be doing it.




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