Thursday, October 23, 2008

What the election is about

Garth George has done a pretty good column today
This election is not about trust, because the public does not trust politicians, except, perhaps, those of the Maori Party.

It is not about the cuts... Working for Families or KiwiSaver.. It isn't about whether John Key is fit to be Prime Minister, because as long as he is not Helen Clark he can't lose.

It isn't about energy or the environment[or]privisation. This election is all about freedom - the freedom of the individual to live his or her life with as little interference as possible from the state, its politicians and minions.
I suggest you read it in full. It's one of his better ones.

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Blogger Sophie said...

What has Helen Clark done wrong as Prime Minister?
Personally I think she has done an excellent job.

Have you seen how many times John Key has contradicted himself.
I suggest you go and watch this clip off youtube:
During the Spingbok tour John Key was a university student who "was interested in politics" yet he didn't have an opinion on the Springbok Tour which was a big political issue at the time. Is it just me or does this seem kind of strange?

Or what about Key's views on Civil Unions.
(Key to GayNZ magazine) "Personally I have no problems with Civil Unions"
Yet he voted against a Civil Unions Bill doesn't quite add up does it?

Or even Climate change. In Parliament 10 May 2005 Key said "even if one believes in global warming - and I am somewhat suspicious of it."
In November 2006 Key then said to Radio NZ
"I firmly believe in climate change and always have"

So yeah maybe this election should be about trust. It should be about who doesn't change their mind on the key issues every 5 minutes. It should be about a person who can lead New Zealand and do what is best for New Zealand as a whole and that person is Helen Clark.

October 23, 2008 at 4:25 PM  

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