Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A mistake - yeah right

I very much doubt that the non declaration of the $50,000 donation to NZ First as mentioned in a previous post was an administative mistake.. Perhaps being found out was the mistake. Anyone who had looked at the Spencer Trust account would know about this money going to NZ First - including Winston Peters as soon as he became " aware" of the Trust. The fact that NZ First has claimed to have only a couple of donations over $10,000 over the past 10 or so years does not sound convincing as the bank statement from the Spencer Trust shows three in as many weeks.

Now that we know that there is a donation that was not declared, will Helen Clark comment on this illegal behavior, or is illegality only deemed to be wrong if one is able to be prosecuted? I wonder how much money that should have been declared to Electoral Authorities was part of the repayment of $158,000 that was sitting in a NZ First bank account generating interest fora year before being distributed to undisclosed charities?

I'd be willing to bet that there have been no donations under $10,000 that went to the Spencer Trust as this trust appears to be set up for the purpose of subverting electoral laws.That is not a mistake - but I wonder how many other administrative mistakes were made.

Update Helen Clark and Winston Peters are refusing to comment on Winston Peters' lies to the public and to the PM - leaving other NZ First MPs to do the talking. Clark knew Peters lied from early days - she certainly knows now that he lied - but she doesn't want to seek the "innocent explanation" she claims is the answer to solving this, because she knows there is no innocent explanation.

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