Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's all go: Election on November 8

Well I was right.Again.

Just found out we have a November 8 election. So, 57 more sleeps to go.

I am very pleased to predict the election date for the second election in succession, well ahead of the announcement. I even predicted that it would be called this week.

Helen Clark has said the election is about who can be trusted to take the nation ahead. In other words Labour sees this as a FPP contest between Helen Clark and John Key. Perhaps this is because Labour has fewer friends than National. More likely it its because Labour needs NZ First if it is to be in Government, but most people mistrust NZ First due to the Owen Glenn scandal - and now the media has turned against NZ First. Helen Clark wants the metropolitan newspapers to stop writing about NZ First.

What Labour does not want anyone to hear is that a vote for Labour is a vote for NZ First, and Winston Peters in Government. Remember, Helen Clark said this election is about trust.

The Spencer Trust.

Greens co-leader Russel Norman said he hoped the election would be fought on policy rather than personal attacks.

So do we all. Labour has only released four policies, and three of those were Nationals.




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