Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Should non workers get an in work payment?

Should beneficiaries get a $60.00 In Work Tax Credit (IWTC)? Currently, they don't, so the Child Poverty Action Group is challenging the Government tomorrow, claiming the policy is discriminatory.

Yet it is no more discriminatory than refusing the IWTC to students with kids who collect a student allowance - or even perhaps grandparents who parent children while collecting National Superannuation.[Update: National super is not an income tested benefit so, like most earners, those on National Super would only get the IWTC if they worked 30 hours a week or more].

While I support moves to assist the poor I have a few questions: If the Child Poverty Action Group thinks government policies should treat all children from low income families the same then why isn't this reflected in this case?

Whats so special about children whose parents collect a main benefit?

Why should parents on a benefit get the IWTC but superannuants and low income two parent families who get off their backsides, off a benefit, and work part time - say 29 hours a week - miss out completely?




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