Friday, May 02, 2008

Electoral Finance action: Is something going on here?

This letter was published in the Dominion Post this morning.

I agree that Labour has no respect for the truth ( Editorial, April 23). Telling lies - or being publicly caught lying as Labour President Mike Williams was - is not a sackable offence unless you are a Minister and change your story. Williams is a party official, so has not been sacked despite changing his story.

Could another reason why Williams has not been replaced is that EPMU secretary Andrew Little, lined up to be his replacement, is having his application for independent Third Party status considered under the Electoral Finance Act? Mr Little might remain in both positions if successful, meaning a party president could also be the financial agent of a Third Party allied with Labour, overtly campaigning against National - all the while while maintaining its independance.

Mr Little is quick to highlight National indiscretions, erroneously calling them lies, but when Labour officials are proven to lie, he is silent. Your editorial claimed that the rest of New Zealand has not lost respect for truth.

Most have, however, lost respect for those who disregard the truth for absolute power.




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