Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Look,Helen, I`ll lend you some money if you get that FTA deal, OK?"

We know why Labour donor and moneyman Owen Glenn wanted a free trade agreement with China. As Investigate Magazine noted a while back
So who exactly is Owen Glenn, any why would a NZ free trade deal with China and the US prompt him to become Labour's biggest benefactor? Well, Glenn is now a shipping magnate, and free trade deals mean much more freight and more business for his global empire. Especially as he has managed to obtain a much sought after "Class A" trading licence to do business in China.

Perhaps Glenn is not giving Labour money in this election, not just because he doesn't back losers, but he is getting his FTA with China when it is signed in April.

That's his payback.

But there's more. Last night Helen Clark's spokesperson said of Owen Glenns consul appointment to Monaco
No appointment has been made. She has not offered it. It is not hers to offer. She has received no advice on it.
Today Helen Clark confirmed Glenn had expressed an interest in being honorary consul and Mr Peters was now considering whether the country needed anyone in that role.
Perhaps that would depend whether Monaco needs any lesbian hip hop tours - or how many people need medical treatment after falling ill in the casino or seasick or their superyacht.

Monaco has 30,000 people - That's about $16.6666 per person for Glenn's $500,000. All those sixes. Satanic.




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