Sunday, February 17, 2008

The rich prick who donated $500,000 to a party with a leader who could not remember his name

Owen Glenn is the rich prick who is listed as donating a third of Labour's declared donations at the last election because he was impressed with the international approach the PM was taking by pressing for free trade deals. The two met at a tourism dinner in Sydney - but when Clark got home.... bugger, she could not remember his name and probably lost his business card in the wash.

Glenn, fortunately remembered Clark's name and eventually made contact and donated $300,000 in 2005 and $199,960 in November 2004. These were paid in $100,000 monthly instalments for five months. He is not listed as donating to National. In 2005 Mike Williams said Glenn was not not making donations to other political parties.

Glenn was probably a friend of Michael Cullen until recently. He lives in Monaco and, after talking with Winston Peters at the Rugby World Cup, hoped that a voluntary role as New Zealand's honorary consul to Monaco would begin early this year. The current consul is National's Richard Worth who is wondering how long this position will last. He lodged a question on the first available date this year
200 (2008). Richard Worth to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (12 Feb 2008): What consideration, if any, is being given to the appointment of Mr Owen Glenn as honorary consul for NZ in Monaco?
.The reply is due on the 20th February once Dear Leader is consulted.

After the election Glenn said he lent a relatively small amount of money to Labour. I think $100,000 is not a "relatively small" amount to employ some fund raisers. He said he will probably not donate in 2008 - even though Labour reversed its "Owen Glenn" amendment to the Electoral Finance Bill which stated that someone could not donate money if he or she was overseas and not on the electoral roll.

Owen Glenn doesn't back election losers.




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