Friday, November 16, 2007

Genesis Energy happy to support "objectionable" television programme

The Family First lobby group is running a bit of a campaign against a programme on TV tonight called Californication, targeting advertisers on the programme. Most of the initial advertisers have indicated they will now not be associated with the prgramme by continuing to place advertising with the programme.Family First says the show is pornographic. Genesis Energy says it is objectionable.

Genesis Energy is one of the advertisers who are continuing to advertise on the programme. It has a stated aim of social responsibility. Now when they placed advertising, it was TV3 who decided what programme it would appear on. Now that Genesis Energy bosses have realised that they are advertising on Californication, which, in the words of Retail Manager Dean Carroll, is "objectionable", Carrol is happy to willingly support - and promote with financial assistance through advertising - an "objectionable" programme by purposefully continuing to allow their advertisements to be placed on the programme.

That's a little different to the stance of most other advertisers who have either pulled out of the programme slot, or have yet to comment.




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